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Xbox Live and Teredo

Figured the collective here might have an answer.  All of a sudden a network I manage started getting complaints from XBOX live users are getting error messages about â??Canâ??t get Teredo IP addressâ?? on their consoles.  Is anyone else seeing this wide spread?  The Microsoft support default answer is â??Your ISP is blocking portsâ?? when I can do an nmap on each of these customers and all of the xbox live ports are open.  As an FYI these are not netted customers, but have true publics.

We have tried disabling IPV6 on their interfaces and that does not seem to have helped.  We have had some customers power cycle everything in their home (CPE, router, xbox) and still no go.

Anyone else running into this? Does Microsoft have a higher level support for talking with ISPs at all?

Justin Wilson
j2sw at mtin.net