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Xbox Live and Teredo

On 02/01/18 23:15, Justin Wilson wrote:
> These are all Xbox one clients.  We donâ??t hand out IPv6 on this network yet, so I made sure to disable any sort of IPV6 on the interfaces just to be sure because I figured Teredo is tied to v6.  The only thing we have not done yet is disable any IPV6 stuff on the customer routers.  Everyone has been getting link local addresses for the longest time.   We just disabled ipv6 totally on the interfaces just to be safe.

Disabling anything IPv6 is counter productive. The way things are going 
is IPv6 and has been for many years.

Now ... what could happen is that you've got a missconfigured torredo 
gateway upstream.

Disabling IPv6 on customer routers etc won't solve your problem. IPv6 is 
here to stay.

Your best bet: set up a Terredo gateway and facilitate these Xboxes as 
long as you don't give them native IPv6.

Just my 2c.

Kind regards,
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