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AS Numbers unused/sitting for long periods of time

Before I take this to the ARIN PPML, wanted to get NANOG's thoughts.

I'm amazed at the number of AS numbers that are assigned, but not actively being used. I'm not talking just like they are offline for a week or month, this is complete non-use of the AS in the global routing table within *years*. They are completely abandoned resources - Whois data is inaccurate by 5-10 years, no routeviews data in the same time period, the owning organization (if you can find it) scratches their heads about responding whether they use it or not, etc.

I know we're currently not in a push to get AS numbers or close to exhaustion, but I do believe that people who have global AS numbers should have a requirement to use them or return them to the global pool. Am I the only one thinking this?

And before you come back with "Well they may be using it internally where it doesn't need to be in the GRT" - that's why we have Private AS numbers.

I.e. some form of ARIN or global policy that basically says "If AS number not routed or whois updated or used in 24 months, said AS number can be public noticed via mailing list and website and then revoked and reissued to a pending, approved AS request"

Just thinking aloud. Happy New Year all!

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