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Xbox Live and Teredo

While you are at it, you might want to configure a STUN and ICE server, to
address streaming UDP.

Joe Klein

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On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 10:19 PM, Martin List-Petersen <martin at airwire.ie>

> On 02/01/18 23:15, Justin Wilson wrote:
>> These are all Xbox one clients.  We donâ??t hand out IPv6 on this network
>> yet, so I made sure to disable any sort of IPV6 on the interfaces just to
>> be sure because I figured Teredo is tied to v6.  The only thing we have not
>> done yet is disable any IPV6 stuff on the customer routers.  Everyone has
>> been getting link local addresses for the longest time.   We just disabled
>> ipv6 totally on the interfaces just to be safe.
> Disabling anything IPv6 is counter productive. The way things are going is
> IPv6 and has been for many years.
> Now ... what could happen is that you've got a missconfigured torredo
> gateway upstream.
> Disabling IPv6 on customer routers etc won't solve your problem. IPv6 is
> here to stay.
> Your best bet: set up a Terredo gateway and facilitate these Xboxes as
> long as you don't give them native IPv6.
> Just my 2c.
> Kind regards,
> Martin List-Petersen
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