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"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

I have read a little of this BS thread.

1)  I have been maintaining a network for 12 years.
2)  I am and have been since Feb 1965 a programmer.

Anyone who bashes either group has a problem.

First, at one time programmers knew bits, bytes, opcodes, machine codes
etc.  I have written close to thirty languages and probably could write
most of them now with a couple hours to browse a manual.  I have done
everything from punchdowns and crimping connectors to routing and ACL's.
Sure there is a lot I do not know.  But most of what academia has turned
out in the last twenty years is people who know the left half of the
byte but not the right.  Today they don't even have an idea what
happens.  I am not sure some of them know that a computer runs on

And it is nearly as bad in Networking as it is in Programming, Data
Base, etc.

We are building "experts" who have learned more and more about less and
less till they know everything about nothing.  You need six of them to
plug in a router.  Somewhere we need some of them to get out of their
little silo, find out that there is a world out there and learn what the
other guy does. When that happens the finger pointing that was just done
here will not happen.

Ralph Brandt