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"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

On Wed, 28 Nov 2012, Bj?rn Mork wrote:

> Native IPv6 internet access has never been a requirement for developing
> IPv6 aware applications.  That was a bad excuse even 10 years ago. Today
> it is just ridiculous.

I certainly never said that was the case.  I built v6 test networks, and 
helped kernel devs build v6 support into firewall appliances 10 years ago. 
But it wasn't a feature that drove sales...

My argument is that a) typical developers don't develop microcode, kernel 
drivers, or protocols.   But they DO build a lot of applications that sit 
on top of them.   They build them because someone is paying them to do it. 
The folks that sign the checks ask for A B and C.  And v6 isn't one of 
those things yet.

Some day, maybe it will be.   We're just not there yet.

(yes.  when we get there it's going to be too late.  no argument.)

in the meantime there's still a ton of new and old stuff to build w/o v6 
support from our internal or external vendors.


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