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"Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not have IPv6 in their applications"....

On Wed, 28 Nov 2012, Bj?rn Mork wrote:

> Do you really want to run netowrking software written by someone
> incapable of setting up a test network?  This doesn't have anything with
> tunnel brokers or native access to do at all.

So the software engineer should now -also- be responsible for, and capable 
of, recreating both the network as well as 3rd party systems that he/she 
has to code against?

again focusing on just our last title release - 20+ 3rd party interfaces 
run by 6 different companies.   Is the software engineer really 
responsible for faking things like xbox live, PSN, facebook, twitter, 
google, etc on a test network?

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