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OpenBGPd problems relating to misuse of RESERVED bits in BGP Attribute Flags field

On 2012-11-29, Jeff Wheeler <jsw at inconcepts.biz> wrote:
> I had two downstream BGP customers experience problem with an OpenBGPd bug
> tonight.  Before diving into detail, I would like to link this mailing list
> thread, because this is not a new issue and a patch is available:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/misc at openbsd.org/msg115071.html

Note that this was committed to OpenBGP on 12 August, so if you're running
a *snapshot* from after that date, you won't be affected. It made it too
late for OpenBSD 5.2 but has just been committed to the patch branch, so
building from a newly-updated source checkout tagged OPENBSD_5_2 will also
have this.

Looks like this is in 5.2.20121014 in FreeBSD ports too.