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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On 02/09/2011 07:32 PM, Jack Bates wrote:
> The small to middle guys are at the mercy of the large guys applying
>  pressure to vendors.

I'm gonna just pick on this one thing.

This just isn't true.

I've always worked in small to middle sized shops, and I have always 
found that I've been able to yell and scream about IPv6 (and other 
features) loud enough, and long enough that I get heard by someone in a 
decision making position for product features (usually along the lines 
of a product manager or so).  And every time I've made the effort to do 
that (admittedly, not a small effort), that product or line of product 
has had IPv6 available for it within about a year or so (if not sooner). 
  Every single time.  Were the big guys pushing as well?  Perhaps, but I 
*know* that my voice gets heard when I put the effort into it.

If you're not being heard by your vendor, you're not yelling loud 
enough.  You're the customer, if your question/concern/request/demand 
about IPv6 gets blown off by your rep, talk to their boss, and keep 
demanding to talk to bosses until you get to someone that can give you a 
solid answer one way or the other, and if the answer is, "no, we won't 
support IPv6" run, don't walk, away from that vendor.  It is absolutely 
doable, and I would argue that if you haven't reached this point in your 
purchasing decisions, you're being negligent.