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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

Scott Helms <khelms at ispalliance.net> writes:

> IPv6 for some ISPs will be extraordinarily painful because of legacy
> layer 2 gear 

I don't feel sorry for them. We know that IPv6 is coming for how long?
15years? 10year? 5years? Well if you only read the mainstream media you
should have read something about this new Internet thing about two years
ago. And still many people fear IPv6 or think the can still wait for
another couple of years.  

> For ISPs in this circumstance the choice will be CGNAT rather than IPv6
> for a number of years because the cost is much lower and according to
> the vendors selling CGNAT solutions the impact to end users is (almost)
> unnoticeable.

Cost's might be lower but service will be worse. NAT breaks a lot of
applications file sharing will not work properly and running your own
web server at home will not work properly. Well you always get what you
pay for and people will buy any crap if it is cheap enough. 

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