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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

In message <5A6D953473350C4B9995546AFE9939EE0BC139A0 at RWC-EX1.corp.seven.com>, "
George Bonser" writes:
> >=20
> > > Almost none of the broadband providers in the US NAT their
> customers.
> >=20
> > Well, I suppose I have been unlucky then because every single one I
> > have
> > had has NATed me.  I had a "real" IP when I had dialup, but I got NAT
> > when I went broadband.  I have a friend that has another service and
> > she
> > is NATed too.  Boot up in her network and you get 192.168.1.x
> In other words, the broadband provider provides a single global IP to
> the "always up" CPE.  That CPE does DHCP to user stations and hands out
> 1918 addresses and NATs them to the single global IP.
> I have had 3 broadband providers over the past 10 years, all three have
> done that.  I have a friend on a fourth provider that also does that.
> I have yet to see a broadband provider that configures a network so that
> individual nodes in the home network get global IPs.

It's only because they delivered the service using a integrated
modem/router to save the customer buying a seperate NAT box.  I
suspect that you could request a actual modem and connect you own
equipment to if you want if you don't like the box they supplied.

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