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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011, Owen DeLong wrote:

>>> I don't feel sorry for them. We know that IPv6 is coming for how long?
>>> 15years? 10year? 5years? Well if you only read the mainstream media you
>> And at what point during that time did they have any vendor gear they could purchase that -would- support v6?   At -best- during the last 5 years, but I'd put money on that even today they can't purchase gear with adequate v6 support.
> This is largely the result of the fact that they did not demand it from their
> vendors during that time.

I was purchasing for and building small SP networks during that time.

Requiring v6 of our vendors would have meant we just never got anything, 
so we'd have never provided service.   Come to think if it, maybe it 
-would- have been better for everyone involved (except those of us who 
just got paychecks and experience out of it) to just simply not do it - 
but we didn't know that at the time 15 years ago!

Vendor C and J don't provide gear that fits into all network topologies 
(WISPs, MTU DSL, and smallish ADSL roll outs come to mind, certain during 
the time period in question.  Sure, they eventually bought products in 
those markets...but even still, I had sub 6 figure budgets to build with - 
I certainly had no leverage).

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