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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

> If you're not being heard by your vendor, you're not yelling loud
> enough.  

Or you aren't big enough of a customer.  I was at one manufacturer
within the past few months and asked about the lack of v6 support at
layer 3 in one of their product lines as I had an application for that
line but the lack of v6 layer 3 disqualified that solution.  I was told
that $HUGE_CUSTOMER had placed $HUGE_ORDER and was needing layer 2
features as their highest priority and so that is where they were
focusing right now and that layer 3 ipv6 would be out later this year.

They did say that it was getting more difficult to sell the gear without
the layer 3 features and that the "real soon now" excuse was having
trouble getting any traction with potential customers but right now the
largest dollar amount of business hinged on layer 2 features.