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[ih] inter-network communication history

YANG travels over NETCONF, so you also need to look at
https://netconf.readthedocs.io/, which takes you to NETCONF
in Python. (And NETCONF itself normally travels over TLS.)


On 09-Nov-19 10:12, Jack Haverty via Internet-history wrote:
> I'm glad to see Github being used.? But I just poked around there a bit
> and couldn't find any actual code, i.e., something I might be able to
> compile and run on some computer.? Maybe I just haven't explored far
> enough yet.? Is there code there somewhere?
> I tried pyang:
> jfh at Chaka:~$ pip install pyang
> Collecting pyang
> ? Installing collected packages: lxml, pyang
> ...
> ? Successfully installed lxml-4.4.1 pyang-2.1
> jfh at Chaka:~$ man pyang
> No manual entry for pyang
> Looked at github and found this description for pyang: "A YANG (RFC
> 6020/7950) validator and converter".?? Doesn't sound like it has much to
> do with network management.....?
> IMHO, this is somewhat typical of the historical experience of the
> Internet over time from the users' side.? Tools are hard to find, and
> the documentation on what they do or how to use them even more so.
> A historical timeline of The Internet, written to capture the users'
> perspective, might be a fascinating read.
> ------
> BTW, my pragmatic motivation is that I've noticed that my in-house LAN
> seems to have acquired about 100 hosts over the last few years,
> including things like my attic fan and irrigation system, plus several
> routers/wifi boxes, and a mix of computers, phones, tablets, etc.? How
> do you manage such a piece of the Internet??
> I'm curious to know, for example, who my fan and irrigation system are
> conversing with, and what are they doing other than moving air and
> water. ?? I can find out some such information by using ancient tools
> like TCPDUMP, which I remember from using it in the 80s.? After almost
> 40 more years of Internet History, is there now anything newer?? Is
> there some router or other networking box that I should buy that comes
> with such tools?
> /Jack
> On 11/8/19 12:27 PM, Tony Li wrote:
>>> IMHO, the game's not over until there is working code that has proven
>>> useful in actual operation of a real network.
>> https://github.com/openconfig/public
>>> jfh at Chaka:~$ man yang
>>> No manual entry for yang
>>> jfh at Chaka:~$?
>>> Something else I should try...?
>> Try:
>> pip install pyang
>> man pyang
>> Tony