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[ih] inter-network communication history

On 11/8/19 11:41 AM, Brian E Carpenter via Internet-history wrote:

>  There are currently 152 active
> Internet Drafts related to YANG. Game over.

IMHO, the game's not over until there is working code that has proven
useful in actual operation of a real network.

I wonder if anyone has ever summarized all of such Internet Drafts et al
to show which have been implemented, and which are actually used in
operating some parts of the Internet.? And what those operators think of
those tools.

Sadly, I just looked on my desktop machine by doing 'man snmp'; and
discovered it does still exist!? But it seems now to have something to
do with printers.......sigh.

jfh at Chaka:~$ man yang
No manual entry for yang
jfh at Chaka:~$?

Something else I should try...?


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