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[ih] inter-network communication history

I'm glad to see Github being used.? But I just poked around there a bit
and couldn't find any actual code, i.e., something I might be able to
compile and run on some computer.? Maybe I just haven't explored far
enough yet.? Is there code there somewhere?

I tried pyang:

jfh at Chaka:~$ pip install pyang
Collecting pyang
? Installing collected packages: lxml, pyang
? Successfully installed lxml-4.4.1 pyang-2.1
jfh at Chaka:~$ man pyang
No manual entry for pyang

Looked at github and found this description for pyang: "A YANG (RFC
6020/7950) validator and converter".?? Doesn't sound like it has much to
do with network management.....?

IMHO, this is somewhat typical of the historical experience of the
Internet over time from the users' side.? Tools are hard to find, and
the documentation on what they do or how to use them even more so.

A historical timeline of The Internet, written to capture the users'
perspective, might be a fascinating read.


BTW, my pragmatic motivation is that I've noticed that my in-house LAN
seems to have acquired about 100 hosts over the last few years,
including things like my attic fan and irrigation system, plus several
routers/wifi boxes, and a mix of computers, phones, tablets, etc.? How
do you manage such a piece of the Internet??

I'm curious to know, for example, who my fan and irrigation system are
conversing with, and what are they doing other than moving air and
water. ?? I can find out some such information by using ancient tools
like TCPDUMP, which I remember from using it in the 80s.? After almost
40 more years of Internet History, is there now anything newer?? Is
there some router or other networking box that I should buy that comes
with such tools?


On 11/8/19 12:27 PM, Tony Li wrote:
>> IMHO, the game's not over until there is working code that has proven
>> useful in actual operation of a real network.
> https://github.com/openconfig/public
>> jfh at Chaka:~$ man yang
>> No manual entry for yang
>> jfh at Chaka:~$?
>> Something else I should try...?
> Try:
> pip install pyang
> man pyang
> Tony
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