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[ih] inter-network communication history

On 11/7/19 12:05 PM, the keyboard of geoff goodfellow wrote:

> jack, that was Really Excellent... say, in The Interest in further
> documenting Internet History, could you please elucidate for us on
> *The Internet "Control Panel"* and its functionality/workings (as
> excerpted from your website --?http://3kitty.org/):
>     ?... /(At one point back around 1980, the "control panel" for The
>     Internet was on his desk!)/...
Thanks, Geoff.? Yes, there's lots of the history, perhaps most, that was
never captured in RFCs.? Some of that was captured in various contract
deliverables, e.g., the Quarterly Technical Reports that we all had to do.

That comment about the "control panel on my desk" came from an offhand
comment I made to someone who had asked about what I did back in the
early Internet days.?? The phrase was apparently a good sound bite.

Here's what happened, as far as I can remember it.? There's a lot of
detailed information about the early history in the QTRs we did at BBN
(and e.g., SRI), much of which is available online from DTIC.