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[ih] inter-network communication history

On 11/7/19 5:11 PM, the keyboard of geoff goodfellow via 
Internet-history wrote:

> thanks jack... a couple of quips:
> #1.) yours truly believes that the ARPANET, et all was managed by the folks
> an "entity" known -- during that time -- as the NCC (Network Control
> Center), not the NOC.
> #2.) yours truly also seems to recall that the ARPANET was software-ly
> controlled by a PDP-1 not a PDP-10, viz. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc301:

I seem to recall that the ARPANET was controlled by a C/70, certainly 
the DDN was controlled by several C/70s distributed between CONUS, 
Europe, and Hawaii (I had the dubious distinction of designing the DDN 
Network Management Architecture, as my first task at BBN, working for 
Jim Herman.? It turned out to be a lot more about operating procedures, 
than technology - e.g, figuring out how to get AT&T Long Lines to 
respond to a "noisy line" call from a central NOC, rather than the 
communications officer who "owned" that specific circuit, though we did 
have to figure out how to report bit error rate, rather than just packet 
error rate - the folks at AT&T didn't have a clue what packet error rate 

Now, it could be that ARPANET monitoring & control predated the C/70 - 
given that the C machines didn't exist in the early days.

Miles Fidelman

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