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[ih] inter-network communication history

Actually, along those lines: In June of 1976, we moved to Houston so my wife could post-doc at Bailor College of Medicine.  I was working for the University of Illinois and telecommuting by dialing into Telenet connecting to Multics and then connecting over the ARPANET back to Illinois. (I have a T-shirt that says University of Illinois at Houston) I did that for about 2 years. I had scripts at Multics to manage my email at Illinois.

And I agree this isn?t really inter networking.

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> On Nov 6, 2019, at 15:38, John Gilmore <gnu at toad.com> wrote:
>>> When was the first actual inter-network message sent using packet
>>> technology?
> Telenet began service in August 1975.  This was a public
> packet-switching network built by BBN.  See:
>  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telenet
> My employer, Scientific Time Sharing Corporation, was one of the first
> users.
> There was an undocumented connection between Telenet and the ARPANet
> that a Telenet contractor showed me.  (He used it to get to his ARPANet
> email, while he worked for months at our site getting our IBM mainframe
> properly interfaced to Telenet).  It was apparently just a few
> asynchronous ports on a Telenet TAC that were cabled via RS-232 to a few
> ports on an ARPANet TIP.  You'd dial in to Telenet, enter a command to
> connect to those TAC ports, then you'd be typing to the TIP (@n and @o
> 34 and etc).  I started using this connection in about 1976 to explore
> the ARPANet as an unauthorized guest.  Eventually this led to me getting
> an official Tourist account at MIT-AI.  Which ultimately led to me
> reading the RFCs and understanding the Internet protocols, which led to
> me joining Sun Microsystems in 1981 and eventually co-designing BOOTP
> with Bill Croft.
> When at some point the Telenet/ARPANet connection wasn't working, and
> teenage me reported the problem to the ARPANet NIC, this reportedly led
> to a disturbing phone call between somebody at ARPA and the president of
> Telenet.  Oops!
> I don't think this Telenet/ARPANet connection qualifies as a historic
> inter-network link, since it just used ordinary asynchronous serial
> ports, not "packet technology".  Anybody know more about it?
> 	John
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