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[ih] inter-network communication history

> I seem to recall that the ARPANET was controlled by a C/70, certainly
> the DDN was controlled by several C/70s distributed between CONUS,
> Europe, and Hawaii (I had the dubious distinction of designing the DDN
> Network Management Architecture, as my first task at BBN, working for
> Jim Herman. ...
> Now, it could be that ARPANET monitoring & control predated the C/70 -
> given that the C machines didn't exist in the early days.

indeed.  as mentioned, the first "control center" was cobbled together stuff
on the PDP-1, snd eventually TEXEX.  the c/70 was still years away

i don't remember whose idea it was to crowbar unix into the MBB,
BBN's "microprogrammable building block",  but al nemeth {unix kernel},
carl howe {microcode} and me {cross C compiler from TENEX} ended up
trying to do it. you are correct, though - when the NOC
relocated to the lower level of bldg 2 they had a bunch of c/70s.


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