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latest false flag attack?

On 24/09/18 00:13, juan wrote:

> 	especially dedicated to agent fairbrother, 'expert' on metals
> 	https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGYrFxOL0vY

One ought to learn to sort out the obviously bullshit.

Begins: "Never before or after 9/11 have steel framed buildings 
collapsed due to fire".

Unfortunately that is simply not true; nor relevant to what purports to 
be a comparison between WTC and Windsor Tower, as Windsor Tower was not 
steel-framed (nor incomplete as later stated). I didn't bother watching 
much more.

Windsor Tower was a composite building with a large occupied reinforced 
concrete core. The outer parts were steel-framed. There was a separate 
reinforced concrete service tower.

The reinforced concrete core and service tower survived the extensive 
and prolonged fire.

The lower steel-framed outer parts, which had not been exposed to such 
prolonged fire, which were still supported by the reinforced concrete 
core, and which were protected from falling debris and progressive 
collapse from above by the reinforced mechanical floor [1], survived.

About a tenth of the steel-framed part of the top 11 floors which was 
protected and supported between the reinforced concrete service tower 
and the core also survived.

The rest of the upper 11 stories of the steel-framed part of the 
building collapsed.


http://www.elmundo.es/documentos/2005/02/windsor/album2/05.html shows 
the surviving concrete core.

http://www.elmundo.es/documentos/2005/02/windsor/album5/08.html and
http://www.elmundo.es/documentos/2005/02/windsor/album3/05.html show 
where the outer parts have collapsed and some of the debris.

The building was originally rectangular - the outsides of the top have 
fallen off leaving the core sticking up.

[1] The reinforced mechanical floor can be seen in
http://www.elmundo.es/documentos/2005/02/windsor/album5/09.html - it was 
about the 19th floor, at the bottom of the collapse, with no windows.

-- Peter Fairbrother