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latest false flag attack?

On Thu, 20 Sep 2018 15:58:01 +1000
jamesd at echeque.com wrote:

> On 2018-09-20 12:35, juan wrote:
> > So if the building "toppled like a tree" then at that time (half way through) it should be tilted FOURTY FIVE degrees, not 10.
> As I said, it *began* by toppling like a tree,

	No. You can see in second 2 of your video that it begins with only the penthouse disappearing inside the building. See these pictures. 


	You keep focusing on the minor tilt, because it's irrelevant. 

	If you cut a wedge at the bottom of a tree then the tree topples. It DOESN'T go almost straight down through the fucking ground, and it doesn't go through itself either.

	But that's what exactly what the building does. It goes down in an almost vertical trajectory AND the structure ceases to work as a whole (i.e. it's being cut into pieces).

> which shattered the 
> structure, 

	that's a funny word. A material like glass shatters because it's brittle. Steel is flexible and maleable. It doesn't shatter.

> and *then* it went into freefall.
> Hence, no need to invoke explosives to cause it to go into freefall.

	Right because all the structure magically 'shattered'.  Because some imaginary  tilt  at the beginning, something like 0.5 degrees. Which actually wasn't even there. 

	So again, you are focusing on a secondary, small effect that has shit to do with the cause of the collapse. Yes, it tilts because of some damage present. Yes, the damage caused the tilt, but the tilt dind't cause the collapse. 

> Had it continued to behave like a falling tree, then it would have been 
> 45 degrees when half way down.
> But because it almost immediately started to disintegrate, only ten degrees.

	That's the only thing you got right. It desintegrated. Because - bombs.