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vintage cpunk

Watch out for the suspended animation Nazi shock troops squirreled away
in the bombed out for WWII Laurel train tunnel at the summit, and also
the area around Western Atomic Vaults (I think their name's changed) up
in Zayante hosts a plethora of Zombie Hippies hiding amongst the
Sillycon Valley crowd.

On 04/26/2016 10:35 AM, John Young wrote:
> Right. A few days ago we slipped under the lasers, slithered past
> motion detectors,
> aimed a night scope at the silhouette trying to calm a gaggle of
> squabbling cats,
> quickly snapped a dozen of infrareds, setting off bam, bam, bam,
> instantly felt
> the shadows fireball around us, singeing our asbestos foiled tents,
> stun grenades
> blasting our shallows, swarm of drones peppering us with dum-dums,
> teams of
> robots roaring and thrumming and spewing greenish skin-eating droplets
> and
> lung ravaging vapors, thankfully we were ready for all that, except
> one little
> oversight: a great chasm split the desert, a mushroom rose into the
> air, there
> was begoggled Ninja'd Tim hanging upside down like a giant
> dope-wizened bat
> from a black balloon, well, that's the last thing we saw before
> awakening atop
> the Empire State Building, naked and afraid.
>> Corralitos is a good place to 'bunker down' at. He still lives up there
>> last I knew (2015)
>> http://santacruzupdate.com/2015/05/06/how-do-you-maintain-a-balance-between-being-informed-and-staying-sane/

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