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Do you notice significant persistent change in climate?

Georgi Guninski wrote:
> Do you notice significant persistent change in climate during your
> lifetime?
> Also increase in  major natural disasters (not counting m$ products/
> services)?
> I do in Bulgaria, SE Europe.

Lived in the same Monterey Bay area California town for 40 years. Over
the last ten years or so it's gotten decidedly colder in the winter. It
rarely used to freeze at sea level here (once or twice in a decade or
so) and now it occurs with some regularity... at least three or four
time a year. It also gets warmer. There used to be a couple of 90 degree
days in the summer and the rest more moderate, typically in the upper
60s to upper 70s for most of the season ... Eight years or so ago it
went up to 105f for two days in a row braking every known record. It
gets into the 80s and 90s much more often now. No one has functional air
conditioning here in their homes or cars, and most homes are only
lightly insulated (if at all). Pity the poor commuters stuck in bay area
traffic (not!)

The Climate pundits are saying what are now the extreme temperatures
will be the norm in 20 years.

Chemtrails... What ARE they (that conspiratorial 'they', not me or you
or you) hiding?


"Maybe if we tell them the brain is an 'app' people will use it"

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