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Offtopic posts

Zeenan wanted to make a fucking subgroup email group and was told fr others
to keep it here

Not fucking paying attention to reality ... what can we boot for that shit
On Apr 27, 2016 1:21 AM, "John Young" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Definitely: a high paywall, start at $1,000 a post, to cull the deadbeats.
> That's in bullion, no bitshit. Mis-post and price doubles, then goes
> geometric
> after 3. Your PINs are known.
> Here's the post ticket line: Hettinga hosts a deep "FC" vault packed
> with RL ransom goodies any deadbeat nation would genocide to
> expropriate for ignorant spenders of cognitive capital aka FC-CC.
> Now you know why only 200 Panama Papers files of 11,500,000
> have been released. Robert's vault PIN is way off planet.
> At 05:46 PM 4/26/2016, you wrote:
>> Recently there have been posts regarding offtopic posts.
>> Speculating that at least one user here has prompted those...
>> Zenaan got booted (or emigrated) from ubuntu fora
>> to some dead google group, till finding this place to
>> post his Rus-Aus etc stuff. This is not a personal swat
>> at Zenaan (or anyone else), he (and they) are surely
>> fine folks all around. And such posts are in fact interesting
>> to interested readers.
>> But instead is a note that there do need to be other places,
>> and referrals to such, where such things are ontopic and
>> uncensored, such that they may call them home.
>> Unfortunately, unless such posts here make reference
>> back to a somehow crypto, cpunk, c-tech, c-law context...
>> they're offtopic.
>> And frequently violating that should be expected to bring fire...
>> to the point that the violating author will be silently killfiled,
>> thus nullifying themselves.
>> I'm no ontopic angel, send me to hell if you want.
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