Re: hard drive fry and upcoming show, and APIS!!!

From: Michael Koch-Schulte ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/02/05-08:15:09 AM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Dear List,
> The proverbial happened; on the move from South Carolina to the
> north, my hard drive fried irrecoverably. It happened in Clarksdale...

That very said. Can't help you much now, but, next time make sure you buy a
computer motherboard that supports RAID 1 (hardware drive mirroring). Many
new motherboards support this functionality now. Mine does. Buy two
harddrives exactly the same size, use the new "Serial" ATA cables (SATA), or
SCSI if you prefer. Mirroring allows for a complete drive failure to occur
and the computer will automatically start running on the second drive, if
not immediately, usually after just a reboot. This option should cost you an
additional $100, (read: the price of the 2nd drive), and maybe $20 more for
having the option on the motherboard. Cheap insurance. It also increases the
"read" performance of the system overall, things tend to load super fast
because the computer can read data "across" the drives.
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