RE: hard drive fry and upcoming show, and APIS!!!

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/02/05-04:42:38 PM Z
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> It also increases
> the
> "read" performance of the system overall, things tend to load super fast
> because the computer can read data "across" the drives.

A Raid 1 configuration has the same read time as a single drive. It is the
writes that take longer since the second drive is being mirrored.

With a Raid 0 configuration multiple physical drives are striped to present
1 (or more) logical drives to the OS. When reads occur on a Raid 0
configured drive (logical) then there is the possibility that data will be
fetched from more than one drive which will result in longer read times.
Raid 0 configurations can use multiple drives of different sizes. Raid 1
requires identical drives for mirroring where Raid 0 can use different sized
drives of different specs as long as the drives are compatible with the
drive controller.

Just my 2 cents to clarify,

Don Bryant
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