hard drive fry and upcoming show, and APIS!!!

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Date: 07/01/05-02:34:29 PM Z
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Dear List,
The proverbial happened; on the move from South Carolina to the north, my
hard drive fried irrecoverably. It happened in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home
of the blues, and let me tell you, I'm a cryin' them now. My pix and
documents are backed up, but no programs and no email addresses nor outlook
express stuff. Don't ever buy a Compaq Presario. My next purchase will be a
large back up hard drive.

Three things:

One, those in the Minneapolis area around July 14-August 14, my gum prints
will be at a gallery space downtown Mpls; if you send me your snail mail
address I can send you an announcement. The opening for the show,
Contemporary Vanitas, will be Thursday, July 14, 5:30-7:30, Robichaud and
Anderson, 211 Washington Ave. North, right smack downtown (close to Nami
Sushi if you are hungry after the wine and cheese provided :)

Two, those going to APIS, I will be there with work also, but as you can
imagine, there will be no new work with the PDN system at that time, not
only because the hard drive crashed but because the movers have not yet
delivered my stuff (!) after 2 weeks today, and with the holiday it won't be
til the day I leave for APIS. That's what happens with partial shipments, I
suppose. I must be nuts, moving, going to APIS, and then coming back and 4
days later having an opening.

Three, I no longer have anyone's email address, and zphoto@bellsouth.net is
no longer so scratch it from your hard drive. You can reach me at
zphoto@montana.net. If I don't respond, that is why.

Sorry to use list space for personal stuff, but it'll be a while til I am
back at email regularly...in the meantime, keep on gumming. I am REALLY
looking forward to APIS and seeing those of you presenting, including Keith
Taylor who, I hear, is presenting on gum.
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