Re: hard drive fry and upcoming show, and APIS!!!

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Date: 07/02/05-11:39:44 AM Z
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Hi all,

Didn't we just have a discussion about DVD/CD backups. The consensus
was, I believe, hard drive are safer.....
Q.E.D. :-)


David the moron (used to be Gordon)

Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:

>Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>>Dear List,
>>The proverbial happened; on the move from South Carolina to the
>>north, my hard drive fried irrecoverably. It happened in Clarksdale...
>That very said. Can't help you much now, but, next time make sure you buy a
>computer motherboard that supports RAID 1 (hardware drive mirroring). Many
>new motherboards support this functionality now. Mine does. Buy two
>harddrives exactly the same size, use the new "Serial" ATA cables (SATA), or
>SCSI if you prefer. Mirroring allows for a complete drive failure to occur
>and the computer will automatically start running on the second drive, if
>not immediately, usually after just a reboot. This option should cost you an
>additional $100, (read: the price of the 2nd drive), and maybe $20 more for
>having the option on the motherboard. Cheap insurance. It also increases the
>"read" performance of the system overall, things tend to load super fast
>because the computer can read data "across" the drives.

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