Re: hard drive fry and upcoming show, and APIS!!!

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Date: 07/03/05-01:32:51 AM Z
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> That very said. Can't help you much now, but, next time make sure you buy a
> computer motherboard that supports RAID 1 (hardware drive mirroring).

        I always like people that use RAID1. They give me twice as much data to
recover ;>)

        IMO RAID1 is not the best way to build a fault tolerant system. Of course
it can work and I've seen it bail out a few cases but I've also seen where
the data on both drives was corrupted by a cheap RAID controller that
failed. These inexpensive RAID controllers are usually integrated onto
motherboards by OEMS using either Silicon Image, Intel or Via chips all of
which are software driven and have high overheads. They are always a
compromise and NONE of them have the performance capabilities of a good
hardware controller.

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