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Date: 11/20/04-09:07:43 PM Z
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On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Etienne Garbaux wrote:

> This, I've had no problem with. My G4 runs in three-OS mode (9.something,
> 10.something, and Linux) just fine. It also runs 9 programs in "Classic"
> mode just fine. It's a bit of a drag to have to specify, when you log off,
> which OS you want next time (only if you're changing), instead of having
> the option to pick at boot time. But when any one is up, it seems to work
> like it should.

I suspect that different programs cooperate differently, tho maybe the
difference is expert/non-expert. I think of the explanation from (as I
recall) Gord: The computer keys sense from your fingertips when you're
stressed -- and close in for the kill. (They probably don't bother with

> I don't care much that Apple doesn't support 9 any more, but I do quarrel
> with third-party software vendors who don't -- Phase One, for example --
> and particularly with hardware manufacturers who can't be bothered to write
> drivers for System 9.

My problem is mostly the reverse -- I would go to system 10 if my
essential programs and peripherals would work. As a for-instance,
Pagemaker (which I rely on as extremely flexible, versatile, and stable)
has no driver for 10. I don't think you have to be a genius to figure out
why: They want to sell you their new program, Frame Maker (or like that),
which in typical over-engineered fashion (at least for my purposes) does a
million things I never need and makes the normal everyday things I depend
on almost impossible.

> Sleep mode on the G4 is problematic for a whole host of third-party
> hardware and software. If you ever have random problems, shut it off and
> see if that cures the problem.

Shutting off does no good (especially if you count crashing as "shutting
off"). Now I suspect a conflict between extensions of Picture Viewer
(Canon's computer software) and both Netscape and Explorer -- those dogs
will not browse. At first they just crashed, now not even that -- just a
dialog that says in computer language: forget about it honey.

I hope there's a 3rd party program -- tho the only one I've heard of so
far, Ofoto, only works on 10 ! (Whatever the bug is, it doesn't affect
e-mail -- my Terminal Emulator, specifically Z-Term is fine.)


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