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Date: 11/20/04-12:03:51 PM Z
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Ah, if I understand correctly, Judy is using a SCSI PCI card (which I
can't use, laptops don't accept them). My SCSI adapter (for USB and
laptops) was also Adaptec, and I received as little help as Judy did
from that company. The CD with drivers was even missing from my Adaptec
box. Yes, it is easy to download this software (which I did), but not
everyone knows to do that.

Judy is right, "Classic" (running Mac OS9 from within OSX) is not a
perfect solution. It runs "programs" great. It runs "ports" with
serious issues. In Classic, OS9 isn't running your USB or firewire or
SCSI ports. OSX is. So, you have an OS9 program, being run by OSX,
explaining in OS9 term what it wants/needs over a USB bus , then being
translated into OSX bus commands............. ick, problems are

I love OSX. But understand not wanting to "fix what isn't broken".
Unfortunately, most all of the Mac users love OSX, so I think you are
going to find OS9 "hold outs" get very little attention from either
Apple or vendors. Hey, I still run OS8.6 on an old laptop (the only one
that still runs SCSI) :-(

I think for the time being I'm just going to keep that old fellow (a
3400c) around for scanning. It has been a wonderfully reliable little
fellow. I just can't afford a new laptop and a new scanner with XMas
coming up!

On Friday, November 19, 2004, at 09:46 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:
>> ... In order to work with my new laptop it will have to run native in
>> (newer Mac's can use classic, but not "boot" into OS9).
> Apple did a really slick job on this -- getting some of us to buy G4
> by claiming it could run 9 & 10 -- I think VERY few folks managed to
> make those two systems function on one computer. I certainly didn't.
> And then of course they abandoned 9 immediately... going into 10 full
> bore, whereupon all software/hardware companies stopped supporting 9.
> I've mentioned that I'm trying not to have to replace nearly ten
> thousand dollars worth of peripherals and software with programs and
> devices I don't like as well, but it keeps getting iffier.
> Meanwhile, I have a hub plugged into what (as I recall) is the G4's
> one scuzzy port, with 5 slots (Belkin). And the card was Adaptec --
> which kept crashing every time I put the computer on sleep, tho at the
> time I didn't know that was the problem. NONE of the 3 tech supports I
> kept calling (Adaptec, Apple, and Adobe) had a clue.
> Finally, Apple said it was the logic board and I schlepped the whole
> 800 pound gorilla up to Tech Serv. After I waited around nearly a day
> (that is a booming business), Tech Serv said all I needed was an
> update on the scuzzy card-- the version I had didn't support Sleep !
> That little caper of course cost me $100 -- not counting the cab ride
> to and from 23rd Street. Yes, the computer and the card were still on
> warranty -- but that was only for REPAIRS. There were no repairs,
> simply installing an upgrade.
> It seems the card sits on the shelf in the store while programs march
> on... So it occurs to me it's possible there's an upgrade to the card
> you've got that would work -- if it's supposed to. But DO NOT RELY ON
> ADAPTEC TO KNOW OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF THAT .. They don't & they > won't.
> And yes I'm using 9.2...and yes, it's heinous... But probably the
> lesser evil for now.
> Judy
>> Judy (or anyone else here doing this), what brand and model of SCSI
>> to USB converter are you using successfully on a Mac? Are you using
>> it in 9 or X.
Tom Ferguson
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