Re: planned obsolescence rules

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Date: 11/20/04-11:55:44 AM Z
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Judy wrote:

> Apple did a really slick job on this -- getting some of us to buy G4 by
> claiming it could run 9 & 10 -- I think VERY few folks managed to make
> those two systems function on one computer.

This, I've had no problem with. My G4 runs in three-OS mode (9.something,
10.something, and Linux) just fine. It also runs 9 programs in "Classic"
mode just fine. It's a bit of a drag to have to specify, when you log off,
which OS you want next time (only if you're changing), instead of having
the option to pick at boot time. But when any one is up, it seems to work
like it should.

Like you, I'm not fond of 10. I use it for programs that won't run under
9, but then run back to 9 or Linux as fast as I can. I find that I never
use 10 for Unix software (Gimp, CAD programs, optics programs, and some
astronomy programs) -- I run those under Linux.

I don't care much that Apple doesn't support 9 any more, but I do quarrel
with third-party software vendors who don't -- Phase One, for example --
and particularly with hardware manufacturers who can't be bothered to write
drivers for System 9.

> Meanwhile, I have a hub plugged into what (as I recall) is the G4's one
> scuzzy port, with 5 slots (Belkin). And the card was Adaptec -- which kept
> crashing every time I put the computer on sleep

Sleep mode on the G4 is problematic for a whole host of third-party
hardware and software. If you ever have random problems, shut it off and
see if that cures the problem.

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