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Date: 11/20/04-09:25:34 PM Z
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On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:
> ... Hey, I still run OS8.6 on an old laptop (the only one that still
> runs SCSI) :-(

Ah, OS 8.6 -- the perfect system. It NEVER crashed, and talked to me
nicely. The problem was that handling large graphic files was like
watching grass grow -- and I have to say for the G4 that it is fast. I
rarely do larger than 20 or so megabytes, but at that size most operations
are instantaneous.

> I think for the time being I'm just going to keep that old fellow (a 3400c)
> around for scanning. It has been a wonderfully reliable little fellow. I just
> can't afford a new laptop and a new scanner with XMas coming up!

Ah, Xmas. Short of converting to anti-consumer mode (as the Reverend
Billy's Stop Shopping movement), or possibly converting to Orthodox
Judaism, you clearly have a problem.

I, too, have the old Performa with System 8.6 under a table in a
storeroom: Absolutely useless for present operations -- but, a
security blanket.

PS: Why did you choose a laptop? Were there better alternatives in other
configurations? One thought I'm having would be to just throw money at my
present problem -- buy a laptop and put the camera software on it, then
transfer by CD to the G4....?

PPS. However, as I may have mentioned before, I still use a rotary phone.
It lets me imagine that I still have some will beyond the will of the

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