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>> Apple did a really slick job on this -- getting some of us to buy G4
>> by claiming it could run 9 & 10 -- I think VERY few folks managed to
>> make those two systems function on one computer.

Hey Judy,

Nobody ever said the digital age isn't without its frustrations.
Sometimes there are some work-arounds that are easy though. ;^)

Scanning software and SCSI cards are especially problematic when moving
from OS9 to OSX. My trusty Polaroid SprintScan 4000 is SCSI and when I
went to OSX...the #@*!ing SCSI card in the G4 locked the machine up
tighter than a bull's ass pulling a cart up a hill. There was an
unfriendly relationship between the card and the Polaroid software. I
didn't want to buy another SCSI card but, happily, there was a software

Ken Hamrick's VueScan ( runs in OSX and supports hundreds
of different scanners. It cooexists with my old SCSI card just fine so
problem solved for very little $$. You can check the VueScan web site to
see if your scanner is supported before purchasing. Oh, and VueScan also
works for OS9 and Windows.

At the International Center of Photography (in your backyard) they use
VueScan for all the Epson, Nikon, Polaroid, Minolta, Umax and Kreevich
scanners. It's neat because the students only have to learn ONE software
package to scan on any machine!

OSX is a great improvement over OS9 in terms of stability, speed, and
usability. I'd suggest learning its strengths rather than fighting to
maintain an old OS. As others have said, it's hard to go back to OS9
after enjoying Panther (the latest version of OSX).

By the way, at the moment I'm running Photoshop CS on a G5 (because CS is
the best version of Photoshop) and at the same time (on the same G5) I'm
running Photoshop 7 in Classic mode (OS9) because stinking Epson NEVER
came out with an OSX driver for the Epson 7000! It's not elegant but the
G5 handles the dual OS situation with aplomb. I do the serious work with
layered 16-bit images in CS and then flatten them to print to the 7000 in
Photoshop 7. Everything works just fine!

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are for sale) at the following:


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