Jobo Lift handle

From: William Laven ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/19/04-09:14:46 AM Z
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>You have to assist
>the lift during this process of lifting intermittantly
>with your right hand while pulling on the lift handle
>with your left. This is because the lift WILL break
>if you don't. A 3005 or 3010 drum and a liter of
>water is too heavy for it.

I think that Jobo's handle design is clearly the weak link. I had a
machinist build me a handle out of solid aluminum (ie the handle and
the "key" part that slips into the lift) and I can lift the big drums
filled with chemistry with one hand without a problem. It does make
life easier. It cost a pretty penny, but I find it so much easier to
use the Jobo with it.
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