Re: Pyrocat-HD postwashing staining phenomena

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Date: 05/19/04-12:23:47 AM Z
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Some general notes on my experiences with the Jobo
CPP2 and 1500, 3005 and 3010 series drums.

I no longer get even decent results from the 1500 for
35 and 120 B&W. Used to work great but because of
film changes (I guess) the 1500 series does not work
for me. With conventional developers there are surge
marks through the 35mm sprocket holes and "road ruts"
on the 35 and 120. I even tried Jobo's suggestion of
lifting the drum intermittantly during development to
get side to side agitation, a Jobo rep stopped by to
see if I was doing anything crazy and didn't have an
answer. But, with this technique of lifting I do get
good results w/PMK.
Also, according to Jobo and Kodak, it was recommended
to NOT use distilled water for the pre-soak in rotary
processing so I only use filtered water for that.

My results with all developers, PMK, etc, in the 3005
and 3010 tanks is good and have yet to have any
problems there so my only advice is to try the
intermittant lifting during development and not use
distilled water for the pre-soak. You have to assist
the lift during this process of lifting intermittantly
with your right hand while pulling on the lift handle
with your left. This is because the lift WILL break
if you don't. A 3005 or 3010 drum and a liter of
water is too heavy for it. Jobo reps have told me
people get different results in defferent parts of the
country (US) and even because of how the processor is
oriented, so your experience may vary.
I have one of those screen hangers hangers you
mention, and I think it was originally for use with
color paper.

 --- Manuel Gomes Teixeira <>
> Sandy and all Pyrocat-HD afficionados:
> I'm getting streaking and mottling with 8x10 FP4
> developed in
> Pyrocat-HD.
> The procedures are :
> Jobo CPP2
> -5 minutes water pre-bath in distilled water
> Development at 2:2:100( mixed dist. water), 73F,
> slowest rotation
> possible, Expert 3005 Drum ,
> 1000ml developer volume, followed by 2 water
> rinses.
> Fixing with Ilford Rapid Fixer.
> and now is were the problem is ( I suppose )
> happening , at the film
> washing!
> Concerning Rollo and others Pyro developers the
> available literature
> often refers to the stain that develops during
> the film wash. I
> suppose the same applies to Pyrocat.
> I notice this phenomena after washing sheet film
> in a Kodak N. 3F
> deep tank equipped with a color print processing
> basket. The dividers
> are made with a very soft fiber glass net. With the
> film dried , I
> could notice very clearly the net pattern of the
> basket in the sky
> area .
> I think this happened because the emulsion side of
> the film sticked
> to the net, not allowing a even contact with the
> water. Because of
> that, the stain developed during the washing was
> more intense in the
> clear areas of the net , producing this pattern in
> the film.
> But this is not all.
> Making a feedback to some mottling and streaking I
> had with Pyrocat, I
> suppose the possible reason may be an uneven flow
> of water during
> the washing time. That results in a stronger visible
> post-washing
> staning in the areas in contact with a more
> intense flow of water.
> Meanwhile I've made the following test:
> After developing one FP4 8x10 with the described
> method , I cut it in
> half and washed the two half negatives with
> different methods. One in
> the Kodak processing basket and the other in an
> horizontal Kostiner
> washing tank. The results were clearly differen,
> concerning the
> mottling and streaking patterns .
> Do you think the intensity of the water flow has
> influence in the post
> staining ?
> Can this explain some cases of mottling and
> streaking ?
> What do you advise for a perfectly even film
> washing ?
> How do you wash your 5x7 or 8x10 or larger sheet
> film ?
> In vertical archival tanks ?
> In trays with Kodak siphon ?
> I look forward to know Sandy opinion and of course
> of other list
> members.
> Thank you all
> Manuel Gomes Teixeira

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