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Date: 05/18/04-08:50:55 PM Z
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<I said> The other intriguing thing, though, from Demachy's account, that
> somewhere might fit into some of the stuff you are investigating, is an
> infrequent occurence he had where a gum layer was fine and stable, and
> for some reason all of a sudden it solubilized. I can't locate the book at

<Katharine Thayer asked> KT: Chris, I hope you can find this once you get
unpacked, because this
> mention is the first thing I've ever heard that would suggest that this
> has been seen in gum. It's definitely not in that last section, and I
> don't see it on a quick flip through the rest of the article. No doubt
> you will be able to find it faster; it's always easier to recognize
> something you've seen before than find something for the first time
> Katharine.

Found it: it's on page 53 of Photo Aquatint, the second edition, in the
Postscript, the part that is in italics: "Certain difficulties will
sometimes occur, of which the causes are not always apparent. For instance,
using perhaps precisely the same procedure as we may have done before with
success, a print will develop itself clear and brilliant, but, shortly
before becoming dry, the film will melt and run and presently leave nothing
more than a smudgy mass."
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