Re: Jobo Lift handle

From: Eric Nelson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/19/04-03:50:11 PM Z
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Funny thing (well not really) I had a lift come back
from Jobo repair and within a week of use, something
on the inside of the lift snapped and they said it was
the end of it's life-span, and no refund for the work
they did, and no apologies for not notifying me of
it's imminent demise as they said there was no way for
them to know the lift was about to buy it. So I had
no recourse but to buy another lift. Since then I
always assist the lift.

--- William Laven <> wrote:
> I think that Jobo's handle design is clearly the
> weak link. I had a
> machinist build me a handle out of solid aluminum
> (ie the handle and
> the "key" part that slips into the lift) and I can
> lift the big drums
> filled with chemistry with one hand without a
> problem. It does make
> life easier. It cost a pretty penny, but I find it
> so much easier to
> use the Jobo with it.

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