Re: Water and gum coating

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Date: 05/19/04-02:22:17 AM Z
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> Found it: it's on page 53 of Photo Aquatint, the second edition, in the
> Postscript, the part that is in italics: "Certain difficulties will
> sometimes occur, of which the causes are not always apparent. For instance,
> using perhaps precisely the same procedure as we may have done before with
> success, a print will develop itself clear and brilliant, but, shortly
> before becoming dry, the film will melt and run and presently leave nothing
> more than a smudgy mass."

Thanks Chris,
That was quick, and of course it was right in the last section where you
said it was. I just read right past it; I guess I wasn't expecting it to
be at the top in plain sight. Anyway, thanks for digging it out.

What do you think about this? I sure haven't ever seen this happen, and
as you know, I'm not as inclined as you are to give most of these old
guys the benefit of the doubt, but I'd say as a rule, Demachy knows what
he's talking about. But I'd sure like to see this myself.
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