Pictorico OHP shredding in Epson 7600

From: Jon Lybrook ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/05/04-11:25:50 AM Z
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Hi All,

I've founds some nice, photographically-minded (i.e. picky) people who are
willing to help me pursue creating inkjet negs on their Epson 7600. The
results are excellent, except for the annoying side effect that in their
testing with 8.5x11 Pictorico OHP stock, the printer has been shredding the

Any folks out there with large format printers come across this
problem? I'm wondering if it's only a problem with the smaller stock and
that perhaps the problem would go away if we print on larger media. Any
advice appreciated. They are in touch with Pictorico and Epson with no
answers yet.

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