Re: Pictorico OHP shredding in Epson 7600

Date: 06/13/04-06:59:06 AM Z
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I have had similar problems with Pictorico and the 7600. My solution is to
first neuter the switch which shuts off the print head when the front door is
opened because I have had problems with a band across the negative if I have to
restart the print head. This does not happen with regular prints. Next just
as printing starts I slip the cardboard from the pictorico up through the
feed path from below and lap it over the bottom edge of the Pictorico just below
the print head to hold the Pictorico toward the back of the printer untill it
feeds on past the print rollers. At this point you have to remember to close
the front door or the emerging negative will jam against the door support. As
you do all of this be VERY careful not to have the moving print head impact
your hand because it could very definitely do you significant damage.

I was not able to get any help from either Pictorico or Epson for this
problem. I also was not able to change the suction to make any difference. All of
the above is a pain in the butt but has been the only way I can seem to make
this work without shredding problems. Any other suggestions would be most

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