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I'm curious as to where and how, exactly, the "shredding" is taking place.
We have had problems with even the most *slightly* curled sheet stock in our
7600's where the print size was somewhat less than the size of the stock
itself (e.g.., when printing a 4x5 image on an 8x10 piece of stock). We
observed that the part of the sheet not covered by the print head movement
(which pushes the sheet back against the support) has a tendency to curl out
away from the roller platen (rather than following under it) and jam in the
mechanism, which results in a shredding of sorts. If this is what's going
on, you can watch it happen through the transparent door on the front of the

There are several ways of correcting this:

        Increase the vacuum level, so that the sheet is pulled back along
the support (this really sucks. . . but it works!);

        watch the movement of the sheet along the platen--when the sheet
begins to catch on the platen, open the door (which will stop
the print head) and push the leading edge of the sheet back behind the
roller platen, then close the door (which will start the print
head again);

        make sheet prints (positive or negative) on an Epson 2200 (my
preferred solution!).

I hope this helps! If not, you might consult with Kevin Morris. . . . He,
no doubt, has a wedge of some kind or another that will solve the problem
for you in 21 steps or less.

Best regards,
John Campbell
PhotoGecko Studios & Gallery
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Subject: Pictorico OHP shredding in Epson 7600

> Hi All,
> I've founds some nice, photographically-minded (i.e. picky) people who are
> willing to help me pursue creating inkjet negs on their Epson 7600. The
> results are excellent, except for the annoying side effect that in their
> testing with 8.5x11 Pictorico OHP stock, the printer has been shredding
> media.
> Any folks out there with large format printers come across this
> problem? I'm wondering if it's only a problem with the smaller stock and
> that perhaps the problem would go away if we print on larger media. Any
> advice appreciated. They are in touch with Pictorico and Epson with no
> answers yet.
> Thanks,
> Jon
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