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Date: 06/05/04-10:32:27 AM Z
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Thanks, all, for the quick replies to my quandry. I stuck the thermometer in
my solutions and -- mea culpa! -- the temperature was about 75 degrees F.
(After all these years of doing silver printing, I thought I had a pretty
accurate "internal" thermometer.) I will try again with cooler processing solutions
and a non-hardening fix...I had hoped to tone the prints, so avoiding
hardener would be preferable.

Am I tempting fate by using a rapid fixer at a non-rapid (1:9) dilution? I
so prefer the convenience of liquid fixers.

Henk, you mention P-F# 9 having something about liquid emulsion, but did you
mean P-F# 3? Although I have not yet read every word of # 9 (which I am
savoring), I did not notice anything about liquid emulsion.

Also, I would be very interested in paper recommendations from those on the
list using liquid emulsion applied to paper. I prefer a warmer tone, and like
the Fabriano Artistico, though the only one available at my local art store is
hot pressed; could its lack of tooth be contributing to the "loss" of my
emulsion? What other creamy colored papers might work well with liquid emulsion?


Rita B
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