Leaf and Canon questions

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Date: 04/06/04-07:43:39 PM Z
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Greetings all,

I'm wondering if anyone on the list has experience using the Leaf Valeo
on a Mamiya 645AFd, or the new Leaf/Mamiya ProDigital6. I understand
the later might not even be available as yet, although the publicity
about it is ubiquitous in the circles I've been lately traveling.

Also wondering if anyone on the list has experience with the Canon EOS

Specifically, regarding both devices, I'm wondering how translatable
the file types are (the proprietary file types for Leaf, and the
Jpeg-Raw files for Canon) for use in PhotoShop and subsequent digital
negative production. Any problems or surprises (pleasant or not)
associated with using either of these devices would be appreciated.

After years of being a die-hard (meaning, I suppose, hard to kill) film
only (and Pyro developed only) purist, the current demands on time (for
processing) and space (for organizing negatives) are forcing me to
re-think the media and workflow.

Which brings up another question: Is there a way to achieve Pyro-like
results in digital format. . . ? I don't believe I've ever seen this
question addressed in the list.

Oh, one more thing (and this is a stretch). . . .

Has anyone experience with using a *pinhole* (or zone plate) adapter on
either of the above configurations (the Leaf or the Canon)?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

I hope everyone is well and prosperous.

Best regards to all,
John Campbell
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