Re: Van Dyke Problems

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/06/04-05:25:21 PM Z
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If the problem is as Robert describes -- a density that looks OK
originally and then later actually WASHES OFF the paper, that matches only
one problem I've seen (if it's fixer, you see it pale before your eyes)...
and that was an emulsion made with a different acid, not tartaric (as I
recall it could have been citric)... anyway, that matched the description.
And, however splendid a company may be, there isn't a single one of them
that hasn't had a glitch in production, an ingredient gone bad or
otherwise off. It happens.

Why you use a "kit" for vandyke brown is a question possibly worth asking
(tho note I do NOT ask it!)... this process is simplicity itself, you can
buy a lifetime of chemicals for the cost of, say, 2 kits--AND THEN YOU

Meanwhile, what is the "second wash"? You're not washing in running
water? How long are you washing? Also, what is "clearing"? I've never
seen a VDB formula with clearing bath... Maybe this is kallitype?

Did you gelatin size the paper? That also could cause VDB to slip off.

Pete suggests damp from the other side of the paper, which certainly is
possible, tho IME that's more likely to cause uneven staining -- black or
purple areas in the image.

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