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From: Dennis Moser ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/08/04-11:19:42 AM Z
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I started working with a Canon EOS 10D specifically to be able to do
digitally-enlarged negatives. What with some of the interruptions that
have been going the past 6 months, that hasn't happened but I have been
able to use the 10D make ink jet prints from the files that are very
encouraging. It was the result of seeing what Dan Burkholder was doing
with one of the early Nikon digitals and his ink-jet digital negatives
that inspired me to head this direction, so I know it can be done and
done well.

I strongly recommend shooting RAW whenever possible, the latest version
of PhotoShop (PS CS) is capable of reading the RAW files natively,
giving you the informationally-rich 16-bit TIFF files to work
from...which leads to another question you raised later concerning
sensor size...

The larger sensor will yield a larger native file, meaning you simply
have more information about the image and that it will yield that
information at larger "print" this respect, it is completely
analogous to the film domain: you can enlarge a piece of 8x10 film to a
larger print size more easily than you can a 35mm film before seeing
the degradation of the image due to the grain...with digital, it would
be degradation due to pixels.

Others have commented on the questionable use of a pinhole
aperture...while it's certainly possible, film may still reign supreme
for this...kind of like putting mudbog tires on your Ferrari, yeah, it
WILL work, but why would you want to do it? Keep them on your Land

As for rethinking your media and workflow: it is refreshing (literally
and figuratively) to not be working in the darkroom for most of the
steps...however, once you go digital, you will now start working on
your "monitor tan" by spending more time on the computer, working in
PhotoShop to get things just right. You'll also need to develop an
understanding of file backups, data migration and data storage, finding
good prices on the best CD media that you can afford, etc., as you
embrace the digital way of doing things...

Hope this helps a little,

Dennis Moser

On Apr 6, 2004, at 8:43 PM, PhotoGecko Austin wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I'm wondering if anyone on the list has experience using the Leaf
> Valeo on a Mamiya 645AFd, or the new Leaf/Mamiya ProDigital6. I
> understand the later might not even be available as yet, although the
> publicity about it is ubiquitous in the circles I've been lately
> traveling.
> Also wondering if anyone on the list has experience with the Canon EOS
> 10D.
> Specifically, regarding both devices, I'm wondering how translatable
> the file types are (the proprietary file types for Leaf, and the
> Jpeg-Raw files for Canon) for use in PhotoShop and subsequent digital
> negative production. Any problems or surprises (pleasant or not)
> associated with using either of these devices would be appreciated.
> After years of being a die-hard (meaning, I suppose, hard to kill)
> film only (and Pyro developed only) purist, the current demands on
> time (for processing) and space (for organizing negatives) are forcing
> me to re-think the media and workflow.
> Which brings up another question: Is there a way to achieve Pyro-like
> results in digital format. . . ? I don't believe I've ever seen this
> question addressed in the list.
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