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I use a 1Ds and the Tilt/Shift lens to get either a large 4:3 image (combine the left middle right frames of the lens in vertical), or a about a 2:5 pano by using the frames in the horizontal orientation. The following two links are a couple of the pano's done. The max length of the neg that I use is 24" , and these images hold up *very* well. These aren't the final versions. I'll separate the black and color info and print the neg with the black and then lay down the color on the paper.


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Dennis prompts me to post some of my recent experiments with digital and
preparing to make large-format negatives in preparation for alt-processes.

You can see some of my early attempts at stitching using PTGui on my site

There's some text to give you a little background and where I ultimately
hope to head with my digital experiments.

I'm shooting from a D1x, always shoot RAW (like Dennis suggested), and am
gearing up to do all of my stitching in 16-bit .tiff files. The practice
attempts that are on my site are all from .jpg files.

At the PMA show in Vegas this year I was VERY impressed with Sinar's latest
introduction into the portable digital capture backs. Something else to
look into for sure.

Anyway, just an FYI from another digital user heading in the same direction.

Michael Slade
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