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I actually do it 'by hand'. I bring each of the images into photoshop as a layer, then align them and make a custom stitch for each join. It results in a completely invisible seam. I haven't found a tool yet that doesn't have some sort of artifacts at the seam. It takes more time, but for me it's worth it. I have a word doc that I was putting together. It's 99% done, but large in size (about 20Mb). I have it on my web site if anyone wants to download it. The only big thing I'd add is to use a layer mask to remove unwanted parts of each layer.. that way it's non-destructive (that'll make sense if you read the document)

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What software package do you use to stitch your images?
Marek, Houston

> I use a 1Ds and the Tilt/Shift lens to get either a large 4:3 image
> (combine the left middle right frames of the lens in vertical), or a about
> a 2:5 pano by using the frames in the horizontal orientation. The
> following two links are a couple of the pano's done. The max length of
> the neg that I use is 24" , and these images hold up *very* well. These
> aren't the final versions. I'll separate the black and color info and
> print the neg with the black and then lay down the color on the paper.
> jim
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> Dennis prompts me to post some of my recent experiments with digital and
> preparing to make large-format negatives in preparation for alt-processes.
> You can see some of my early attempts at stitching using PTGui on my site
> here:
> There's some text to give you a little background and where I ultimately
> hope to head with my digital experiments.
> I'm shooting from a D1x, always shoot RAW (like Dennis suggested), and am
> gearing up to do all of my stitching in 16-bit .tiff files. The practice
> attempts that are on my site are all from .jpg files.
> At the PMA show in Vegas this year I was VERY impressed with Sinar's
> latest
> introduction into the portable digital capture backs. Something else to
> look into for sure.
> Anyway, just an FYI from another digital user heading in the same
> direction.
> Michael Slade
> Tawąyama Safaris Inc.
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