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[ale] OT: Forget Comcast, I wanna move to Germany!

On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 14:23 -0400, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> Based on that logic your Doctor should be able to tell anyone he wants
> that you have herpes.   You were in his office and used his diagnostic
> tools to find out about it.

Until HIPAA rules went into effect, only the unwritten doctor/patient
rules governed that type of information flow.

(BTW: that cream you mail ordered will clear up that rash... :)
> The "network" they "own" is interconnected and regulated by the
> Government.

Supposedly, that means us people have control over it since we
supposedly get to elect the monkeys that make the rules. But the rules
are often written by the very groups that are supposed to be bounded by
the rules.

>   The "bandwidth" for wireless is also owned by "the people"
> and licensed rather than owned by them. 

See above note.
>   Even the landline uses
> "public" right of way so is not truly "owned" by them either. 

For phone lines it is a government "owned" strip down the road. For
power lines (the BIG towers) it is a different story.
>  For all
> these reasons telecom is and should be regulated.  

>  They are selling a
> "service" to me - that does NOT give them the right to reveal details of
> how I use that "service" to third parties without my consent in the
> absence of the due process provided for in the Constitution for
> obtaining warrants.

Too bad they don't see it that way. I personally think the big wigs who
authorized the blanket handover of data with out a warrant should be in
prison for a VERY long time. The government pukes who requested it, if
they knew they had no authority to collect it with out a warrant (which
they did) should be put on the wall for treason.

The constitution may be old and imperfect but it was written by some
truly gifted visionaries who were able to craft a core framework that,
with a few notable exceptions - slavery, race, gender (and now sexual
orientation) issues and prohibition (that went over real well didn't it)
- has withstood several hundred years of mediocre social development and
a huge onslaught of technological development.

I wish Ben Franklin could be brought back to see things now. I'm sure he
would have a blast with things like scribus and inkscape on GNU/Linux
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> On Thu, 2007-04-05 at 14:11 -0400, Jeff Lightner wrote:
> > Now that AT&T owns all of Cingular and BellSouth we should all dump
> those services until they
> > realize who the customer is.
> What makes you think that because you are their customer that you own
> their network?  It's like going grocery shopping, you can't expect
> privacy in someone else's facility, even if you are their customer.
> -Jim P.
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